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Online Programs


Friendship Clubs: 

Is your child in school? Get involved in virtual Friendship Club! If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to

Zoom Pals: 

A great opportunity for students to connect with their peers one on one. Those who have joined are having a blast getting to know each other! If you are interested and want to learn more, email



Includes up to 10 programs per week plus all free programs

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Book Club with Grace:

Join this volunteer-led program on Monday afternoons. We will be reading a story then discussing the book all together. All are welcome to join and encouraged to participate!

Art for Everyone: 

Our Art For Everyone program offers participants the opportunity to explore their creative side. Learn new tips and techniques on how to express your artistic abilities. It’s a great opportunity to socialize as well!

Stretching & Meditation:

Come sit back and relax with Alyssa in this 30-minute mindfulness class. We will learn calming stretches for the first half of class and finish with a relaxing meditation session. The program is a great way to end a long day. All are welcome!

Jam Central: 

Anyone interested in music will love this percussion program. Learn rhythmic coordination to your favorite songs and jam out with all your friends. All you need are your makeshift drum sticks!

Sign Language:

Come learn basic sign language skills with our Program Manager Maddy and volunteer Brett. We will be working on developing skills, learning new methods of communication, and just a having good time.

Virtual Movie Night: 

November 3rd and December 1st

 Need a few hours to unwind while chatting with friends? Movie night is the program for you. We will vote on what movie we are watching at the beginning of the program.

Shelley’s Spectacular Sing-A-Long: 

Join Shelley and FF for the most fun you can have with a microphone (or hairbrush) We spend 30 minutes singing, laughing, and having a great time!


Enjoy the classic game of Bingo with our awesome volunteers from National Charity League! We will be playing multiple games every week and competing for exciting prizes.

Zumba with Joei: 

Zumba is back in full force with our summer counselor, Joei! Come jam out to some good tunes, stretch, and exercise your way into the weekend.

Yoga with Alyssa: 

End your week with a relaxing yoga session led by Ms. Alyssa. This class is a great way to release any stress or tension built up from the week!

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