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How We Help Change Lives

Friendship Foundation supports parents and families who have children and young adults (ages 8-35) with special needs. We provide a safe, accepting and inclusive environment for children and adults to enjoy sports, art, music and other social-recreational programs with their peers. Children learn independence, gain social skills and build friendships.

1.  We ask you to register and complete a profile on DASH. (links below)

2.  Give us 24 hours to review your profile

3.  You will receive an email from Friendship Foundation letting you know that you can now sign up for programs.

Register To Have Your Child Participate

Through Friendship Foundation programs, your child will form remarkable bonds with their new friends and fellow participants. Participants will engage in social recreational activities in a fun, safe and accepting space. See your child blossom with the Friendship Foundation.

"Friendship Foundation gives my son a place to just be a kid with people who get that he is different. They provide a space for him to be his silly self and give him typical peer models to learn how to be a good friend."
Bronwyn Shields, Parent
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