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Your donation makes a huge difference in the lives of children with special needs. You will help support over 56 programs and activities impacting thousands of youth. Every gift matters. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my donation help?

What is Club 97?

Club 97 gives the donor an opportunity to contribute $97 per month for twelve months to sponsor a child for an entire school year. You will help one child with special needs participate in activities like art, music, field trips, and other events at no cost to the family. All fees will be waived for their family for all programs and activities their child participates in during the school year. You will open the door for a child to build social skills, have friends, and support their overall development. We believe that you will change the lives of two individuals – yours and one very special child. Please click here to visit our donate page to join Club 97.

Do you accept stocks donations?

Yes, we do. By contributing stocks, you can realize two tax savings. Federal and state tax law permits taxpayers who itemize to deduct the current value of the charitable contribution from their adjusted gross income. To qualify for such a deduction, the stock must have been held by the taxpayer for more than one year. Secondly, you can save on capital gains tax. The contribution of stock may have no tax liability on the difference between the cost of donated stock and its current fair market value.  To learn more please go to the Donate section of our website.

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