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Friendship Club

Friendship Club

Friendship Club is a school-sanctioned program that promotes friendship, acceptance, and inclusion for students with special needs and general education students.  We are actively engaged in 35 schools in 10 school districts throughout the South Bay and Los Angeles area.  Students get together during their lunch break to socialize and participate in teacher lead activities.  At club meetings, they look forward to pizza parties, playing board games, making arts and crafts projects and so much more! By having a safe and fun space to socialize, students are able to build genuine friendships and strengthen their social skills.

Palos Verdes High School

Palos Verdes, Ca

Adams Middle School

Redondo Beach, Ca

Victor Elementary School

Torrance, Ca

Ana Marcelletti, Teacher Liaison
"I feel that Friendship Clubs are essential on every campus because they make it possible for kids who don't normally interact with each other to develop friendships. The Friendship Club on our campus has given students the opportunity to expand their experiences and has given parents peace of mind knowing their child is accepted by their peers.
As a teacher, I want to share that the Friendship School Club has been the best thing that has happened on our campus for ALL students. The smiles, the anticipation and the energy on club days is exhilarating. Students leave with a smile on their faces and I leave with a smile in my heart."

School Clubs

Centinela Valley Union High School

Hawthorne High School

Lawndale High School

Charter Schools

Century Community Charter School

El Segundo Unified School District

El Segundo Middle School

El Segundo High School

Hermosa Unified School District

Hermosa Valley Elementary School

Hermosa Valley Middle School

Hermosa View Elementary School

Lawndale Elementary School District

Jane Addams Middle School

Leander Independent School District 

Vista Ridge High School (TX)

Lennox School District

Felton Elementary School

Lennox Middle School

Manhattan Beach Unified School District

Grandview Elementary School

Manhattan Beach Middle School

Mira Costa High School

Pacific Elementary School

Pennekamp Elementary School

Robinson Elementary School

Palos Verdes Unified School District

Dapplegray Elementary School

Mira Catalina Elementary School

Miraleste Intermediate School

Palos Verdes High School

Palos Verdes Intermediate School

Palos Verdes Peninsula High School

Point Vicente Elementary School

Rancho Vista Elementary School

Ridgecrest Intermediate School

Silver Spur Elementary School

Soleado Elementary School

Private Schools

Chadwick High School

Redondo Beach Unified School District

Adams Middle School

Beryl Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary School

Parras Middle School

Redondo Union High School

Wiseburn School District

Dana Middle School

Da Vinci High School

If you are interested in starting a Friendship School Club on your campus or want more information about our program, please email or call our office at
(310) 214-6677.

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